About Us

  • The Learning Space is about connecting educators across the state to support high quality professional learning and growth. We are all lifelong learners, whether a first year teacher or a superintendent and we all have something to share and something to learn.


    The Learning Space is about supporting you by connecting you with other educators across Washington providing you with access to opportunities to learn with other educators and supporting improving your instruction and leadership by highlighting evidence-based and high leverage instructional resources.


    Quality instruction and support for ALL students can best occur by developing and providing Professional Learning experiences that allow us to continue to learn from each other, as well as by developing and providing leadership and system-level solutions for capacity-building and sustainability.  The Learning Space helps to bring more coherence to our state-wide education system.


    Professional Learning Models: Professional Learning that can be implemented with all content areas in a school to support ongoing and job embedded learning, reflection and collaboration.


    Effective Instruction: What does effective instruction look like in a particular content area? Effective instructional practices are highlighted that have shown evidence of shifting instructional practices and increasing student learning.


    Professional Learning Opportunities: Efficiently search for professional learning opportunities sponsored by the ESDs or OSPI. in-person, online and blended courses/workshops or certification courses are available.


    Collaboration: Workplace provides meaningful collaboration among educators – join a collaboration group that is of interest to you.


    Sponsored by:

    The Learning Space was created and is jointly sponsored) by OSPI/AESD Statewide Network. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD includes the nine Washington ESDs) recognize it is impossible for one entity alone to ensure ALL students graduate prepared for life in the 21st century.  The OSPI/AESD Statewide Network’s collective purpose is to collaborate with school districts to provide an aligned and equitable system of support and assistance to schools, districts, and other educational partners.   



    We would like to acknowledge the inspiration provided by the "original" Learning Space, a US WEST grant funded partnership between WEA, OSPI and other partners that began in 1996, and which modeled the power of professional learning and collaboration in its training of 570 educators from around the state. After grant funding ended, the Learning Space became a teacher based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was active until about 2004 in furthering its mission to provide educators with opportunities and tools to develop, implement and share effective uses of technology to improve student learning.